Custom LED lighting installations and event activations

About ima·jin

今 (ima) meaning "now"
人 (jin) meaning "person"

You are present and in the moment.

With over 20 years of combined event production, event management and LED design experience, Debbie Bush and Ryan Vettese joined forces and founded ima·jin, bringing their expertise and custom designed LEDs and décor to your special event. Our productions evoke imediacy, intimacy, interactivity and have a high impact.

Welcome to our atelier

We currently have 6 unique fixtures available. All can be customized to suit the specific needs of your event or installation. All of our fixtures are controlled with Madrix Lighting Control and can easily sync up with music, other LED fixtures, and other control systems. Programs can be customized to any colour or pattern.

  • Blinker Nets
  • LED Disco Floor
  • Mosaic Mirror Sign
  • Blinker Boxes
  • Blinker Wash Panels
  • 1 Meter LED Bars
  • Nomadic Stretch Tent

Blinker LED Nets

Add magic to any room or outdoor space with our beautiful, custom LED nets.

  • Custom made 17 ft x 8 ft net of 592 individual addressable LEDs. Can achieve any colour.
  • Easy installation using pipe & drape or hung off any suspended line(s).
  • Transportable to anywhere in the world.
  • IP66 rating - they function fine outdoors in the rain
  • We can custom make nets to any specification


Our nets were custom made in the spring of 2017 and have been to Burning Man, on 2 trans-continental flights and 1 trans-atlantic flight without ever having needed any repairs.

LED Disco Dance Floor

Blow everyone away with the most visually stunning LED Dance Floor available anywhere.

  • Consists of 16 4’ X 4’ X 5” custom designed panels
  • Can be configured all together, broken down into sections of various shapes, or a long 4' x 64' or 8' x 32' runway.
  • Each panel has 144 individual, addressable LEDs
  • Solid 1/2" p95 acrylic glass is able to support multiple people on each panel
  • Built from aluminum tubing, wood, and acrylic


Our dance floor is completely custom fabricated. You won't find anything like it anywhere.

Mosaic Mirror Sign

Make the 'GOOD TIMES' even better with our mesmerizing, handmade mosaic mirror tile sign.

  • 9 letter sign reading GOOD TIMES consisting of 44 pounds of individually applied mirror tiles.
  • Hidden addressable LED strips inside the shadow box cast ambient colours onto the letters.
  • Add haze to the room and the computer controlled pin spots shoot out beams of light in all directions
  • 2 EUROLITE LED STP-10 ABL Sunbar’s cast computer controlled amber beams directly at the mirror tiles creating a stunning visual effect.
  • Custom letters possible with 6 weeks lead time. Perfect for weddings. Personalized names of the Bride and Groom?
  • We now have the following additional letters in our library: A, I, N, J - Spell MOJITOS, EMOJIS, IMAGINE


Each of the tiles on our mirror letters are applied by hand. Each one takes about 2 - 4 days to complete depending on the size. The letters are cut on a CNC router. The corners are rounded over with a 1" round-over bit.

Blinker Boxes,
Wash Panels and
1 Meter Bars

Additional custom fixtures that are currently available.

Blinker Boxes

  • Three Blinker Boxes are CNC cut boxes with 8 Tap Phong mixing bowls mounted in each.
  • Ring lights are set in the base of each bowl.

Wash Panels

  • Two 1200 pixel panels mounted on ply-wood with CNC cut waffle louvre / Coroplast diffusers.

1 Meter Bars

  • 17x 1 metre LED bars.

Alternative Objects

We like to use every day things and found objects to put light into places where you wouldn't normally expect to find it.

Nomadic Stretch Tent

Need a unique tent? You won't find a tent like this in Ontario.

  • 50 foot by 32 foot stretch tent.
  • Can be customized and rigged in many different configurations.


Popular in BC and the west coast, we are pretty sure you won't find a tent like this in Eastern Canada.


ima·jin founded in 2020 by Ryan Vettese and Debbie Bush is Toronto based, servicing North America.

Make your event memorable.

For more information on availability and pricing please contact Debbie and Ryan to tell them about what you have in mind.